Built in states are acting weird

Hi All,

I have a course "dashboard" that I found as a template on this site and have reworked it for our needs.  However, I'm having issues with the built in states not acting consistently. 

Hover is mostly working when the user hovers over the colorful parts of the dashboard.

The Visited state for each of the colorful parts is janky.  The user is directed to go back numerous times to the dashboard to choose another topic.  Sometimes, the first trip back to the dashboard shows the visited state and sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes if it worked the first time it may not hold that visited state on subsequent trips back to the dashboard.  A few times, the visit state seems to "disable" the clickable part...

The preview works like I expect it to, it is only when uploaded for testing into Scorm Cloud or our LMS.

The revisit setting for all slides is "resume saved state."

I've been trying to read other discussions and can seem to find my issue. 

Is there a private way I can upload the file for an expert to take a look at? 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Becky

first thought - have you added any triggers to the built in states eg. hover, visited? SL automatically knows what to do with those states as the programming is built in so if you then go ahead and add a trigger it can sometimes conflict.  

If not, you'd probably need to log a support ticket with Articulate if you want to privately share the course