Built-In variable to hide/show the MENU

Mar 05, 2020

Please give us an in-course built-in variable to toggle the MENU open/close.

We have this variable (Player.DisplayCaptions) to specifically toggle captions off/on (true/false). We use Javascript to toggle the state of the MENU, but it's a blind toggle. We need to be able to specifically OPEN it at key moments regardless of what the student has done previously, and close it when needed for some full-screen effects.

Player.DisplayMenu (True/False/User'sLastSetting)

I just submitted this as a feature request...

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Jerry Beaucaire

Thanks.   Maybe add the "User'sLastSetting" idea from this thread to the feature request... I didn't have that there initially.

I'm thinking SL player should be aware of what the user's last setting was when a trigger specifically opens or closes the Menu, then we can use a trigger to set it back to the User's last choice when we're done forcing it open or closed.

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