Bulk slide properties: Revisit set to initial state

May 15, 2014


Is there anyway to set the Slide Properties options for either large numbers of slides, or all slides?

The help information points you to Player > Features, but this does not have the same options as the individual slide options.

Specifically, we would like to set all our slides to their initial state on revisiting.

This does not appear to be possible, except by applying individually - no "apply all" option, not possible to change settings with multiple slides.

Please, tell me this is possible and save my team a bunch of hassle and QA.



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Nathan Leavitt

I'm running into a similar issue. I've changed all the slide properties in the STORY VIEW to "Reset to initial state." However, when I open a slide in SLIDE VIEW, slides with layers have their own slide layer properties. These are still set to "Automatically decide."

Slide Properties:

slide properties - reset to initial state

Slide Layer Properties:

slide layer properties - automatically decide

I want all the slides, and every slide layer to "Reset to initial state." My question is this: does the setting in the slide properties (STORY VIEW) take precedence over the slide layer properties (SLIDE VIEW)?

Ren Gomez

Hi Nathan,

As you pointed out, you can adjust the Slide Properties (or base layer) in Story View. But in order to change the Slide Layer properties, that will have to be adjusted by clicking on each individual slide layer within a slide.

A base layer revisit will not override a slide layer revisit as it contains it's own layer properties. This user guide covers a bit more about each slide layer option. Hope this helps clarify!

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