Bullet color insists on white!

I have a weird bullet issue in storyline.  It seems the last bullet in a list of items wants to turn white regardless of what color the font is!  It happens with regular 'circle' bullets as well as with alphabet bullets.  Anyone else have this happen?  Do you have a workaround for what seems to be a  bug (either on my machine or in storyline).   I can't seem to fix it, or figure out why/when it happens (it's not consistent).  Here are screenshots of two examples of this.


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Greg Hagar

Hi Leslie,

Yes it is dated but it seems to be only one of several dated threads related to this same issue (as is the case with many lingering and unresolved SL issues). So it was an arbitrary decision on my part to post here rather than somewhere else, but I'd be happy to post in another thread if that helps

Anyway, my issue is actually that when copying text from another document (say in black) and pasting it into a SL textbox that is formatted for white text  - the text is white, but the bullets are black. No amount of highlighting text in different  directions, or adding/removing bullets, or looking for hidden characters on a line resolves this. My only solution is to open the bullet options and manually change the color of each offending bullet (ok, but not ideal).

Jim Penson

I find this to be sort of endemic throughout software. I've had this problem in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Captivate as well as others. It must be really difficult to code this to get the bullet color to always align with the bullet. I think it has to do with whether you are adding a bulleted item, filling in a line of text on a bullet that already exists, or are backspacing upwards to remove bullets. Word is particularly bothersome about this.