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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Senthil.  Thanks for the screenshots - they helped me to understand what you were seeing.  

First, just a quick reminder that Storyline 2 HTML5 output is not supported for Internet Explorer, so I wouldn't expect that output to function well.

We've documented an issue where not all of the formatting options with Notes text are being rendered in the HTML5 output, so I'm going to tag this discussion to be updated if we have a fix.  Here's a bit more information about how we tackle bugs like this.

Are most of your learners viewing your courses in a browser that doesn't support Flash?  

Lauren Connelly

Hi Senthil!

The vast majority of our customers are using Articulate 360, so that’s where we’re putting our focus. We’re also delivering periodic updates for Storyline 3, the most current perpetual version of Storyline.

At this time we are not releasing any bug fixes for Storyline 2. If we decide to reroute, we'll report back to this discussion.