Bullet points display in different sizes

Hi folks,

Having a strange issue with text boxes.  When i create a text box, add text, with say 3 paragraphs, then click to add bullet points, the bottom point is always several sizes larger than the others.  I've had this issue across different projects.  I highlight all the text (ctrl + a) and then choose a font size for the whole piece, but the last bullet point resizes itself to a few sizes larger. 

Any ideas how to resolve / if others are facing the same issue?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ray,

If you add bullets or numbering to a list and adjust the font size or color, you may find that the last bullet/number doesn't match the rest of the list.

This is a known issue. Here's how to correct it:

  1. Triple-click the last bulleted or numbered item to select the entire line of text. (There's a hidden character at the end of the line that you need to select. Dragging your mouse to select the text doesn't always capture that hidden character.)
  2. With the entire line of text selected, reset the font size or color for this line of text to match the rest of your list.

Hope that helps!