Bulletin Board Checkmark Completed before Jumping to next slide


I am using a bulletin board from one of the members who uploaded it in ELH.  I copied it but am using only three sticky notes.  Once all have been clicked on, a checkmark appears.  I want to set it so that all must be clicked before going to next slide. 

Problem:  The Next and Previous are not appearing when I preview.  I have the triggers for them.  Also, one of the checkmarks aren't appearing. 

I attached the .story file.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniela,

It looks like you had set up the conditions, but no triggers for the next button on that slide. Also you're using hotspots which don't have the states associated with them - so you'll want to use transparent shapes or adjust a variable on each layer to indicate that it's been visited and then track that which it looks like you've set up, but since the variable trigger is coming after the hide layer - the trigger doesn't have time to execute. Also, your trigger to change the state of "complete" has an additional condition to only do so if "completed" is true - which is counter intuitive and therefore won't execute. 

The previous and next buttons are there though - they're just not "clickable" until that condition is met.