Burmese (Myanmar) Translation Error

Feb 27, 2019

Hello guys. I am new here and I badly needed your help.
I am currently translating our E-learning materials from English to Asian Languages.

I have no problem in translating into Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese.
But regarding Burmese, I am having problems.

So here's the usual thing I've done.
I export a word file to be translated by a local speaker.
Then the word file with translation was imported to the original storyline file.
Like I said, I have no problems regarding other languages but with Burmese, seems like the translation is ok but when I try to click preview this happens.
(See Attachment 1)

This is the Slide View of that file (See Slide View)
And this is the Form View of that file (See Form View). There are red marks in the form view and I think that's where the error comes from.
Any idea how to fix this?

PS: By the way I set the player to have a font "Zawgyi-One" for Burmese.
I read in one of the posts here that I need to change the player font format in order not to have problems.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Adrian. Thanks for the screenshots. I tested copying Burmese text directly into my question slide, and it worked in Slide and Form Views. Previewing didn't show all of the characters, however.

With your permission, I'd like us to take a look at your .story file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to us privately by uploading it here. We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. If you can share the translated Word file as well, that would be super helpful!

Amy Westfall

Adrian,  I'm creating courses translated into Thai and Vietnamese (among 18 others).  My linguists are directing me to use Arial or Times New Roman for Vietnamese. What font did you use for Thai? They are requesting Cordia New as a preferred font, but that's not in the standard list. Is there a font I can request that is in the standard list?

Adrian Gomez

Hello Amy,

I am using Arial Unicode MS.
I tried other font before but I am having problem with some of the characters. I have read somewhere that it is better to use Arial Unicode MS and my problem regarding some characters was solved.

Though Arial Unicode MS was also not in the standard list, you may download it and install to your PC.

Adrian Gomez

Hello Aukalen,

Actually this problem has not been resolved yet.
We tried to talk to our local staff who is a Burmese, I managed to fixed some of the files, but I translated it using "Myanmar Text" as font (but still there are errors in some areas).

Now the problem is that about the "Myanmar Text" as font. He said that most people in Myanmar use Zawgyi One as font and many people are having problems with Myanmar Text..

I don't know when this can be fixed. I hope they are doing something about this.

Aukalen M

Myanmar1 and Myanmar3 fonts display lots of characters wrong for us.  We managed to get Zawgyi One working well in desktop version of HTML5 and Flash in all browsers (edge only displays well in the latest version).

The problem we face is in mobile version as we can't use flash and fonts are not displaying properly in mobile player (menu and popup messages).

We can't think of any workaround for that :(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aukalen,

I saw you reached out to our Support team too! Vevette is taking a look at your files and doing some testing and as soon as she has more details you'll hear back from her via email.

As for Adrian's case with Angelo, they did work on the issue and found some discrepancies in how Adrian's translations appeared compared with Angelo's. It looks like we didn't have a further reply from Adrian after March 2019 - but since he's participating here, please let me know if you need the case reopened! 

Adrian Gomez

Hi Ashley,

Sorry if I did not reply anymore to Angelo's message.
My supervisor told me to suspend Burmese translation and proceed with other doable languages as we are also busy with other translations. But sooner we will be back to Burmese translation so I think I need to reopen this ticket.

Anyhow, the discrepancies I have with Angelo was that my translation was based from the translation of a native speaker, while Angelo's translation were from Google Translate and we know how google translate translates.

He also gave instructions on what to do if the translation were based from an online software/tool but that wasn't my case.

Is there anything I need to do to reopen my case? Or do I need to file another ticket?


Katie Riggio

Hello there, Adrian. Appreciate this additional insight!

I found the support case where you were knee-deep in troubleshooting with Angelo on this translation issue a while back. I have reopened the case and shared this handy update with him.

He'll be in touch directly, as we're happy to work with you further on this! I'll also follow along!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Abel!

We've let our team know about this bug, and it looks like we are prioritizing other bugs at the moment. This means that I don't have an exact timeline to share. However, I'd love to hear if others have found workarounds for this Burmese font bug. 

When we have an update, I'll sure to let you know.

Thanks for checking in!

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