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David Schwartz

Hey Craig, if you don't have anything playing automatically at the start of the timeline, you can set a trigger on a button to jump to the slide itself. That has the effect of ending and moving back to the start of the timeline.

If that's not an option, you could add a seekbar so users could jump to the end, if that might work for you.

Here's another discussion that includes another workaround: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/jump-to-the-end-of-the-timeline:

Walt Hamilton: When the user indicates that they want to jump to the end (by clicking something), create one trigger to pause the media, and one to change the state of each of the buttons to normal. Objects that show up later in a timeline just have their state set to hidden until the timeline reaches a certain point. Manually making them normal overrides that. If you want to show off, you can let them click again and resume the media.


Craig Whitmore

Hi David,

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately I have audio playing when the timeline starts and have text fading in when the narrator speaks on those specific parts.

I was just hoping that I could create a mute button that not only mutes the audio, but also instantly displays all text on the screen, or just brings the user to the end of the timeline so all the text appears as soon as they hit the button.

I -kind- of have a rough setup of this where I have a trigger for every single line of text that goes:

Change State of -> Text Box 1, 2, 3, etc. -> To Normal -> When User Clicks -> Button.

...as well as unlocking the next button.

I was just looking for a way to avoid creating a trigger for every single item independently to have this done. If that makes sense. 

Craig Whitmore

Hi Walt,

Thank you for the suggestion, but I'm not certain if in my case a layer would suffice. The button is a speaker icon which, when selected, turns to red and mutes the audio. The user can select it again which will turn the icon back to green (its default) and resume the audio.

So if I added a layer to the button, the layer would display whether they desire to mute or unmute the audio and would get in the way if they want to bring back the audio.

I do appreciate your suggestion though.