Button appears on slide layer even though hidden from base layer

Jan 22, 2015

Hi there - can anyone shed some light on why an object/button appears on a slide layer when it is un-checked on the base layer?

I'm new to Storyline and can't seem to find an answer to this particular issue in the forum?

Thank you



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Angela Gantert

Oh thank you thank you Wendy.  The summary layer is still in development stage - so have only added a couple of objects as yet - including the complimentary video (this is so the SME can review the clip before I purchase it).

Really appreciate your taking the time to look at this. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Angela

it was the order of triggers.  See the attached file.

Just to let you know when you insert a button SL has default behaviours like 'Selected' and 'Visited' so you don't really need to have a trigger that says Change state of button X to selected when the user clicks as SL knows to do that automatically - hope that makes sense.

Shout out if you need more help

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