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Aug 03, 2016

I have a block of text consisting of several lines.  I then created a transparent button to place over parts of the text so that the user can select the button covering a piece of text and jump to another slide.  Effectively a drop down list for the user to select an item to jump to another slide. 

All works well however when the mouse pointer hovers over the transparent button, the colour changes and blocks out the text.  I would like to change this colour but more importantly, I want to make it transparent so that the text can still be read behind the button, prior to the user clicking on the button.  I cannot find where to change this button property to achieve this. 

Thanks in advance!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Doug

see attached sample if this is what you are after.

I created a shape initially with full colour and then created a hover state.  I changed the colour of the hover state and gave it a 70% transparency, removed the outline, then I edited the normal shape to be fill / 100% transparent no outline.

Hope this helps

Doug McCormick

Hi Wendy

You gave me a clue when I read your response so while waiting for your example to download, I created a similar effect using a layer.  It works OK but the whole button shapes displays as semi-transparent, not just the text as per your example.  When I ran your example, it is a much better result but I now cannot work out how you got the transparent button to change colour without using a layer!  I think my question is more about how to create the 'hover state'.


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