Button Formatting Issue

I’m having issues with the alignment of the text in buttons states on layers 1 through 5. Also, when I change the color theme to something different, it will not change the colors for the buttons on layers 1 through 5.


I changed the text alignment for each button to right aligned. Then I right clicked, selected format shape, text box, and set the top margin set at 25px. But it won't change the text formatting of the states other than normal. However, I applied the same formatting on the Begin layer and the change applied to the text in all of the button states there. 

I’m using SL360 v3.42.22792.0

Here is a video. The SL file is in the comments. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/3e449bbc-eb0b-41be-9661-d68460a309c7/review

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Tom Kuhlmann

Not sure how the tabs were built, but if you look at the fill colors, they don't seem to be using the accent colors. It's the same color, but not assigned an accent color. Not sure why. 

If you change the fill to the accent color it works.

Looks like the alignment is off because the margins are changed on those shapes. They should be 25 based on the first one, and they are 2 on the others. 

Melanie Sobie

Hi Tom, thanks for looking into this. 

I made all of the 5 tabs on the Begin layer using the accent colors. Then I copied those tabs to the other layers. I didn't build the tabs on the  other layers from scratch, so they should hold the accent colors. 

Yes, the alignment/margin is off, but I changed the alignment for each tab/rectangle shape by right clicking and adjusting the margin for the shape. The margin I changed applies to all of the states of the rectangles on the Begin layer. But when I changed the margins on the tab/rectangle shapes on the other layers, it will not change the margin for all of the states. It will only change the margin in the normal state. 

I'll see if I can recreate the issue starting from scratch. 

Melanie Sobie


I tried recreating the issue I'm seeing. Here is a quick recording. It appears that if I change the margins for the buttons on the layers it will not apply that change to anything but the normal state. However, if I change the margins on the buttons on the base it will apply that formatting to all of the states. Note that the buttons on the base are the first buttons I created and the buttons I have on the layers are the copies. 

This time, the color scheme change worked. 


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for working with Tom and getting this nailed down, Melanie.

I've got this issue reported and documented so that we can investigate. I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

This conversation is attached so we can share updates here with you as well.