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I wanted to set a continue button to be originally hidden, and to appear when all the layers of the slide have been visited. I set the variables for each layer as a true/False variable. I set a trigger so that the continue button would return to normal after visiting each of the 9 layers, and yet (drum roll, please!) it's not working. Any ideas on what I screwed up? Thanks in advance!


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Walt Hamilton

This trigger is the problem:

The timeline of the slide is 1 sec, and it seems unlikely to me that the learner can visit all the layers within that second. :)

Actually, the problem is that this trigger has only one opportunity to see if all the layers are visited - when the timeline ends. You want a trigger that is constantly checking to see if all layers are visited.

The solution is to put this trigger on each of the layers, instead of here. Use "when user clicks Continue". Then after each layer, it checks to see if all are visited, and if they are, shows the slide Continue button.