Button Hover State and Focus Help?

I have two icons I am using and both have a hover state that makes them visible and shows a help text box. When clicked they show a lightbox of an informational slide. The issue I am having is that when the lightbox of the informational slide comes up the icon retains the hover state (visible, but without the text help box) and remains that way even after the lightbox is closed. Think I might be missing a setting or such or do I need to somehow reset the normal state. It is not stuck in the hover state because the text help box isn't showing, but it is also not going back to the semi-transparent normal state.

Here is a short screencast of the issue.


Any help is appreciated! I am sure I am missing something obvious here.

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Russell Still

I looked at your video and see what you're talking about with the hover states. I hadn't noticed it, but then I haven't done anything like that yet. When the lightbox comes up, the mouse-out event doesn't get a chance to occur. With the new window having the focus, I guess I can understand that. But when you close the lightbox, the original window gets the focus again and any mouse movement should trigger the mouse-out event. Include the video link and submit a bug report.

Michael Rosenberger

Thanks for the replies. I started thinking about it more and really the buttons do not get stuck in the hover state, or at least fully get stuck in the hover state or they would not only be showing, but also be showing the identifier text box. So my saying they are stuck in a hover state is probably not correct. I just got in the morning and will try recreating the buttons from scratch and see if that solves the issue. It may be chalked up to some odd code line that got stuck creating them, but if they still exhibit the odd behavior I will submit it for review.

Thanks again.

Michael Rosenberger

After a bit of testing with a new project I was able to recreate the issue and it seems it is related to the caption I added as a pop-up text box to identify the buttons. Here was the test I did.


I will submit this as an issue. Thanks again for the feedback and help.

Michael Rosenberger

Good call Jill. I still have to find a way to create my pop-up text boxes and shapes with text over them would work. I just finished up working with multiple master templates with different themes and found some quirkiness, but I have a process working for that. I'll give it a try and see how it goes with the hover states this afternoon.

Maidie Golan

I have experienced this exact issue. I have a button with 4 states: normal, down, hover, and visited. The button triggers a lightbox, which seems to open normally. But then, when I close the lightbox, the button stays in the hover state until I mouse on AND off it again, when it reverts to normal.

Would appreciate a fix! I can't delete the down state, as it exists on all other buttons in the module and I'd like to maintain consistency. Thanks!

Maidie Golan


Shortly after I posted that issue I dug a little deeper on E-Learning Heroes and found the fix.

Simply add a trigger to the button that restores the Normal state when user clicks. Then, when the lightbox is closed, the button will already be restored to Normal state.

I don't know if it matters if this new trigger should go above or below the one that opens the lightbox, but I put it above and it seems to work.