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Dave Cox

Hi Frances,

It has something to do with the Text Entry box that you have on the "Reflective Practice" Layer. If you turn off the visibility of the text entry box on that layer, everything works just fine. It look like you may not be able to use a text entry box on a layer,

When that text entry box is enabled, It appears that you are getting stuck in the text entry mode. I think you've found a bug that the software engineers need to look at.


Dave Cox

I agree, 

I've used text boxes on layers before too, but I don't think I've tried is since moving from SL2 to 360. A lot has changed with SL360. It was completely recoded to do HTML5 instead of Flash, so invariably there are some new bugs.

One thing that you might try. Delete the text box, and then re-create it from scratch. I've seen strange things clear up when I do that before. If it still persists, then you may have to just break out to a different slide instead of using a layer.


Walt Hamilton


If you type nonsense into the text entry box, you will find evidence of a known bug that is being worked on. Misspelled words are underlined, and the red line shows on the base, even if the layer is hidden. If you type several lines of text, the scroll bar appears on the text entry box, and it, too persists on the base when the layer is hidden. I recreated the text entry box, and had the same results, although I didn't try recreating the layer or the entire slide.

The real problem is that the Return button on the Reflection layer is corrupted. That means the text entry box never loses focus. On the base layer, if you click the squiggly lines, you can continue typing. Return to the middle layer, and you'll see that you are adding to the text entry.  The scroll bar is active from the base, too. Insert a reference on the base, and you'll see that the variable is not populated.

Copy the Return button from one of the other layers, and things will work. Well, you'll still see the scroll bar, and the squiggly lines, but they won't be active, the variable will be populated, and you can click the other buttons on the base.

One other thing I noticed that is not related to this problem, but could potentially cause problems. On the base you have two triggers to change the state of objects to visited when clicked. The visited state has built-in magic to change the state of an object to visited when clicked, if the Visited state exists. Creating your own trigger to do that may result in conflicts which can cause problems that are unpredictable and undesirable.