Button next activated aftre visiting layers

Hi, I have a slide consisting of a base layer + 5 layers.

I added in every of the 5 layers a trigger to change the variable "varCount".

The trigger look like this: "add value 1 to varCount when the animation Entrance on textbox under completes".(textbox object change in every layer)

In the base layer instead I inserted a control variable so that: "if varCount> = 5 then user clicks or swipes next".

In practice I would like that after visiting the 5 layers the next button is activated, unfortunately the next is activated even if not all the layers are visited ... does anyone have a suggestion?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Cris,

Because of the way you have your variable set up, it counts to five when five layers have been visited, even if it is the same layer five times. What you need to do is to check that each individual layer has been visited at least once.

In the attached example, I have Disabled the Next button when the timeline starts for the first slide and then changed its state to Normal when the state of each of the Layer buttons on the Base Layer is Visited. In this case I have used three layers.

The Visited state is a built-in state in Storyline and so requires no triggers to be set. Once you click on the button, the Visited state will be automatically recognised by the system.

I have also set the When Revisiting option in the slide properties for the first slide to "Reset to Initial State" so that everything resets whenever the user returns to the slide.

If you have any queries about what I have done, just get back to me here.