Button not behaving properly

Howdy folks.

I'm building some refresher training in Storyline 1.  

I've added a page that gives the user the opportunity to test their understanding.  Nice and simple - you've got 4 text boxes.  Put your answers in to the text boxes and click Check Answers.  If you get all 4 answers right, it shows layer 1 (correct), if any are wrong on the first attempt it shows layer 2 (incorrect 1), wrong on the second attempt shows layer 3 (incorrect 2).

The issue I have is that regardless of what you put in the text boxes, it always shows layer 3 - and I've included variables to supposedly stop this from happening.

I've tried playing around with the triggers and it works fine until I add the third trigger, taking you to layer 3.

The answers are 30, 201, 160 and 66.

I'd welcome any thoughts the great and good Articulate user community could provide :)

I've added the story file so you can see what I'm talking about.

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Cody Salinas

Hey, Glenn.

Check out the revised .story file I've attached and look at what I did for each of the layers. There were some conflicts with how Storyline interpreted your variables, so I simplified it by removing "Ex1Incorrect" in all but two places.

Let me know if this helps.