button on each page want to reset to beginning of the audio and the timeline

Hi there

On each page I have audio and many images.  I want the user to be able to click a button at anytime if they want to restart the timeline and audio.  

I thought I had it by click Play media when user clicks, but it sometimes starts over but the images don't, and sometimes I find it doesn't start over.

I added the seek bar so they could play and pause and that works, but want them to be able to replay, and the replay on the seek bar doesn't seem to work for the audio, it replays the images but the audio keeps going.

I feel like i should be able to do it maybe with a trigger but I tried one trigger to play media and another trigger to jump to slide and chose the same slide, but it totally didn't work.  You need to go to at least the third slide to try the function.  Hoping this might be easy for some experts out there...not too complicated would be great!

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Teresa Vanderpost

I added the seek bar,  I just checked and you were right it was set to automatically decide.  So I have just set them all to reset to initial state.

But I noticed that now I have it set to reset to initial state, if they hit the replay button on the seek bar after it is done (all the audio and images) it works perfectly.  If they hit the replay button while the audio and images are still playing it resets the images but the audio keeps going.  Is that expected?

Teresa Vanderpost

I thought the replay should redo the audio as well, but doesn't do it unless I wait until slide finishes..so not sure if I have to add something or is it a glitch...

I am hoping to either only have the seek bar or only have my audio button to click to re do...right now both are on the slides, and I did fix to reset to initial state.  I am reattaching now that the slides are set to reset...just in case....you can see how full the slides are, but again because of the audio I wasn't sure if I could do layers ...so I just kept adding...

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Teresa!

I took a peek into your file, and I had an idea. Could you use the "Jump to slide [current slide] when the user clicks the Audio button" trigger?

This would reset the entire slide (objects and audio), and allow everything to replay from the beginning.

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!

Teresa Vanderpost

Can you try it on my file?  I tried to jump to this slide and again it resets the images/objects but not the audio in preview mode...if I tried to reset in the middle of the audio speaking.  It does work if I wait until the slide finishes...I think I had tried it as Phil mentioned it at the top.  So I turned on the seek bar and did jump to slide on one of the audio buttons as a trigger.  In both cases it seems to only replay the audio from the beginning if I wait until the audio finishes. 

Does that make sense?  I might be rambling now :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Teresa!

You're absolutely right--when I tested the "jump to current slide" trigger in your file, I found that the audio would not start over from the beginning. After some more digging, I can see that our team is already investigating this bug, and fortunately there's an easy workaround you can use until we find a fix.

The workaround is to remove the "play media when timeline starts" trigger on every slide. You actually don't need this trigger, since the audio will play automatically. 

By removing that trigger, the audio will now start over from the beginning with the "jump to current slide" trigger. Have a look at the updated file I attached to see how it works!