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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Randy,

You should be able to create the effect by using the "Down" and "Selected" states. 

So, when the user clicks on the button, "Down",  the first highlight effect will appear. When the user releases, the button will be "Selected" and the second highlight effect will appear. 

Would that work for you?

Randy Richardson

Here's a pic of what I'm trying to do.  I want to have the user enter the correct code according to what they have been taught.  Upon pressing of each number in the "code" i want the button they are pressing to glow upon each press and possibly have another trigger do an off screen count.

Rich Calcutt

You could add an object with no fill and a glowing edge around each number, then trigger the object to appear/disappear based on a trigger using the 'when user presses the 'x' key function. 

I had a go at making something for you that also captures whether the user enters the code correctly. Download the file and have a go - the code is 1234, so you'll need to type 1, 2, 3, 4 on your keyboard. 

Hopefully you can see how I've made it, but if not shoot me a question if you need any help.

Best, Rich

Randy Richardson

thanks for that rich!   i used your idea for the hide layer/timeline and used it for mouse clicks and it works just the way i wanted.  now to make the buttons actually do something!  have a good one!

next i'll work with your idea for capturing the correct code too.  here's mine so far.