Button Problems in Storyline 360

Hi everyone, 

I seem to be having a problem with buttons when they change states. As you can see in the attached project, I've added four buttons with + icons to get the learner to click on each button and reveal the four learning objectives. I used the first button (from the top) to set a style for each of the subsequent buttons underneath so that when clicked, the button should set itself to a disabled state, and display the learning objective with the initial icon removed in that state. 

Unfortunately, I'm noticing that the icons are sticking around once the each button has switched states and that no matter what alignment method I try, I can't seem to get it out of the way of the wording itself. Additionally, the three subsequent buttons are not matching the color-scheme of the first button once they've been clicked even though I copied them directly from the first. 

What kinds of fixes might there be for this problem? Thank you! 


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Kent Darr

Hi Nancy, yup I have. No matter what I do though, the changes don't seem to translate over to preview. Thus far, the best solution that I've found is to recreate each button individually without copying the previous ones and adjusting their colors to fit the other buttons' schemes. Not ideal obviously, but it gets the job done.