Button resizes on hover state


I've been having an issue in which buttons I create are automatically being resized in the hover and down states. The button size is reduced. Once visited the button remains reduced in size from that point forward.

Is there a way to resolve this issue? I've only created basic buttons, such as a Help button with the "?" icon inserted in it.



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Greg Taylor

Hi all,

I have some further info on this. It appears (as stated above) the bugs appear when building buttons in the master slides.

Here is what else I have discovered.

If your course is set up using either one of the two standard 'built in' story sizes ie: 720X540 (4:3) or 720X405 (16:9) no problems occur. But once you change the course dimensions the problem prevails.

Just to recap.

1. I have a blank course. set up 960X600

2. I create a '>' button using a font like wingdings (the font choice doesn't matter, i could simply write the word "next")

3. I duplicate the buttons 'normal state' to create a 'hover state' and change the colour.

3. I apply the master page throughout my course slides.

4. I run the course and try to use the button. When hovering over the button re-sizes (shrinks) despite appearing the same size when building the course.

As stated earlier If I set my course up with the default dimensions everything works fine. But we shouldn't have to deal with those limitations. Nor should we have to create our button outside of the master page over and over again.

To add one more bizarre twist having a course size of 960 X 540 (16:9) works with no problems too!

hopefully the people at Articulate can rectify this frustrating problem.

Roxanne Diolazo


This thing is still happening in Storyline 3.

I tested my slide with the buttons issue, by publishing it on 4:3 and 16:9. In 4:3, it is happening but in 16:9, it isn't. However, this "fix" really isn't practical because some of our clients don't prefer the 16:9 ratio.

Anyone has any updates regarding this issue?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Roxanne,

Are you changing the story size after setting up your slides, or changing it at the beginning causes issues in your file? If it's the latter, I'd suggest conducting the repair of Storyline detailed here. 

If elements are moving around after adjusting the story size, that would be expected based on making it larger or smaller and the slide elements adjusting - but you may also want to look at what slide zoom you're using (I'd suggest working at 100% zoom) to ensure consistency from edit to preview/publish.