Button Set Blues

I have three questions in storyline 360 with radio button sets and I want the student to answer all three before continuing. I can make the continue button disabled and have it turned to normal but only if certain buttons are selected. I need the continue button to work only after they have answered each button set. So they have  yes, no and I don't know options for three to 6 questions on a page. I need them to answer either, yes, no, or I don't know for each question before they can move on to the next slide. 

How do I set the state of a button to be active only after all Button Sets are visited? 


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Jeff Forrer

Hello, please see course uploaded here. 

  1. I adjusted Slide 1.8, it may not be the most elegant solution but it should work. 
  2. Note: The scheme you have for adding to the score for Program_Yes or Program_No allows for multiple clicks, meaning if you keep clicking them, they will continue to add to the score until you click Continue, so I changed that so it would only add to the score once they click Continue.  
  3. I added a debug offscreen so you can use if you need to so that you can see what your variables are doing,
  4. I check for each button group being selected, and if it is, then I update the variable set to that group to True.
  5. Each time you click a group that variable changes, so I check each time one is clicked, and if they are all True, then I set the Continue button to Normal from Disabled.
  6. I did recreate your Continue button to show both states.  Building them using the buttons in SL helps as you have more control vs using bitmaps or images, as well as keeping live text especially for localization or changes down the road if need be.

Hope this helps!

Jeff Forrer

Nice Leslie!  I can adjust my file and re-upload if that helps you James.  I can remove 5 triggers using Leslie's improved logic ;0) 

The solution I have also takes account the extra values being added to Program_Yes and Program_No if that is helpful for you so that does not happen.

Also, one other question I had.  If the user backs up back to this page.  Do you want them to be able to change their answers?  Or do you want to lock those and keep the Continue button available?

Let me know and I can help if need be.