Button Set disables logic triggers when I click an already 'Selected' button

Mar 28, 2016

Hi all, I’m having some issues with a set of radio buttons I’ve added to an interaction in my course.  I have a set of 3 radio buttons and 3 checkboxes that together control a series of true/false variables.  The slide then shows different layers depending on these variables’ states.  I am able to select one choice from the radio buttons and select/deselect any of the checkboxes in order to change which layer appears on the screen.

Since this setup obviously requires a lot of variables and conditional layer controls, I set up a separate layer I’m calling Logic Layer as a master control for which layer is displayed based on the variables’ values.  Then whenever I click a radio button or checkbox the slide shows this Logic Layer, which runs through a bunch of conditionals to figure out which of my other layers should appear on screen.  When everything is running smoothly, the Logic Layer doesn’t appear on screen since it skips right to whichever layer the variables say should be displayed.

Everything runs smoothly until I click on an already-selected radio button.  When this happens, the Logic Layer appears but it doesn’t continue through its triggers to display another layer based on the values of the different variables.  I can keep clicking the buttons and checkboxes and their visual states and linked variables continue to change.  I also tested the Logic Layer by putting in some text that would not appear unless the Logic Layer was shown and then did not continue through its triggers.  So I know it’s something in the Logic Layer that gets messed up when I click on an already-selected radio button, but I can’t quite figure out where it’s going wrong.

To double-check, I also tried replacing the radio buttons with checkboxes and making these into a button set, but as soon as I make the set I get the same error if I double-click a box in the set. 

I’m attaching the slide in question for you all to look at.  Any advice or solutions would be a great help. I’m hoping that using Logic Layers isn’t the problem and that I won’t have to go back and add all of the conditional triggers to each separate button and checkbox! 



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Walt Hamilton


It is a timing issue. I think that when you click an already selected button, it deselects it, then re-selects it. In that interval it jumps to the next layer and starts through the triggers, passing them all before the 8-, 12-, or 15-character variables get reset. It reaches the end of the triggers, and none is true, so nothing happens. You can put a variable box on the Logic Layer, but by the time you register it, the variable has changed back to True. You can test this by putting a trigger at the end of the list of triggers on the Logic Layer: Hide this layer when timeline ends, and it hides  it. That shows that the triggers are processed, but none of them is true AT THE TIME it is processed.

I changed the 8, 12, and 15 Buttons to show a new layer I built, instead of Logic Layer. On the new layer, I gave it a timeline of 1/8 of a second and set it to show Logic Layer at timeline end. That little delay let everything catch up, and it worked perfectly.

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