button state issue while using replay button on slide layers


I am creating a project with using the default player and having the seekbar enabled. When clicking a button on screen to show slide layers I have kept the allow seeking as Yes. Using the variables and triggers I have changed the states of button to visited. When I click the replay button while on the slide layer the visited state of the button goes and it gets to normal state, but if I have changed the state of button to visited it should remain visited.

I works well while viewing the output through html5.

Can someone help me to solve this issue.

Attaching the source and published output.


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mayuresh saka

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the reply.

When a slide layer is show by clicking the button the seekbar and replay button works for that slide layer. When we click replay on that slide layer it will replay the slide layer only or will it reset the slide layer, and its object states and then triggers added to run on start of slide layer should also trigger, is it so?

The same output works well in the HTML5 output as intended.

Also when on a slide layer the seekbar gets completed and if we click the replay button then the slide layer plays but the seekbar does no show the progress and also the state of the play/pause button remains in play state.