Button/state objects with multiple parts

Jul 08, 2015

Just wondering aloud here, really :) I've attached a file so you can see what I'm on about if I've not explained it well!

I've been making some buttons (objects with multiple states) that I want to be composed of several objects (not 'flattened' by saving them as a shape).

Since you can't add states to a group of objects, I've been doing this by selecting the 'base' of the shape, and adding the extra parts to the Normal state.

This more or less works. But I've been having some funny behaviour when I try to start a button in its non-normal state (e.g. Disabled), usually when the button states have an outline. For some reason that messes things up. Perhaps you can see it in the file I've attached - the disabled button, when previewed, shows the number in blue as if it's Normal. The same when it's published. On occasion I've had the number retain a coloured outline from another state instead.

I wonder if this is something to do with the actual object being the rectangle only and the bit that's breaking (the number) only existing within the states. Does that make any sense? I'm sure it's a bug, I'm just having trouble describing it, so I'm not sure how I would report it!

Can anyone help, either with... how to describe the bug in order to report it, how to avoid it happening in the first place, or - is there another less glitchy way I should be using to make multiple-part objects with states?!

Many thanks! :D


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