Button States

Apr 14, 2014

Hello everyone!

My first question is what is the difference between the following states:  visited, down, disabled, and selected?  I see that selected and down behave the same, but the functionality of these four seem to be very similar.

I would also like some advice on a project we're doing.  We're using  the iPad template that we downloaded from here, but we are modifying it a bit.  We have several buttons that have three triggers:  1. show a layer when hovered over, 2. go to a slide when clicked, and 3. change the button's state when clicked.  The user will need go back to this home page after visiting each button.  Also, we have a "final layer" that is triggered when the state of all the buttons are "visited."  However, when you hover over a button in the visited state, the final layer disappears.  How can we prevent the hovered layers from coming up after the button has been visited?

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