Button States

Hello everyone!

My first question is what is the difference between the following states:  visited, down, disabled, and selected?  I see that selected and down behave the same, but the functionality of these four seem to be very similar.

I would also like some advice on a project we're doing.  We're using  the iPad template that we downloaded from here, but we are modifying it a bit.  We have several buttons that have three triggers:  1. show a layer when hovered over, 2. go to a slide when clicked, and 3. change the button's state when clicked.  The user will need go back to this home page after visiting each button.  Also, we have a "final layer" that is triggered when the state of all the buttons are "visited."  However, when you hover over a button in the visited state, the final layer disappears.  How can we prevent the hovered layers from coming up after the button has been visited?

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Phil Mayor

Visited is visible once clicked

Down is visible when you press the mouse button and is visible until you release it

Disabled means any triggers and states  associated with the button/object will not show or fire

Selected is used to select an object