Button States and Variables

Jan 10, 2014

I have a simple menu with five buttons on it. I want users to visit each menu item (button) before moving on. I have three states for each menu item: Normal, Visited and Hover. My strategy works like this: each time a menu item is clicked a counter adds 1 to a variable called buttonCount. When buttonCount reaches five (the number of menu buttons) the next button becomes functional. My individual button code looks like this:

Add 1.00 to buttonCount

When the user clicks

If menuButton1's state is

equal to Normal

You see I only want to count each menuItem once so I only want the counter (buttonCount) to add once for each menuItem.

Any ideas why the Normal state persists?


Everything works fine except it acts like the state is always Normal because the counter continues to add after the button is clearly in the Visited state.

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