Button States Deleting and Changing


I'm having an odd problem in SL2 that is giving me fears of the SL1 corrupt files issues. I have slides where I have pictures with 2 states: Normal and a custom "checked" state. Clicking the picture brings up a slide layer, after reading the layer, the student checks an input checkbox then closes the layer. This brings them back to the main screen where the picture/trigger to that layer now shows the checked state.

The triggers all work completely as they should, the states all change as they should; however, upon publishing, these "checked" states get deleted and the triggers get all buggered up such that the slide gets stuck and can't be moved on.

This is a completely new course created with only SL2 resources. I did not import any SL1 stuff as I had major issues with SL1 and corrupted files (strange effects to states, disappearing triggers, slide masters not working properly...). At this point I am trial and erroring, re-re-refixing the magically changing states and triggers and republishing in the hopes that one of the publish files work. Preferably, I'd like to have more confidence in my published work. It's also very time consuming to continually fix the same issues.


Thanks all,

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Vaughan

it's hard to say but the stock answer would be:

  • are you working on your local drive
  • does your system meet the recommended tech specs
  • is it happening with all SL2 files or a selected one/s - have you tried creating a new project file and importing the slides in

Otherwise,  you could share your .story file or if it's an ongoing issue I would submit a case to Articulate and get their engineers to take a look at your system.

Vaughan Martin

Thanks Wendy,

I just trial and errored it. I'd publish, come back to the SL2 file and repair the broken states and update the links, save and republish. Kept doing this till eventually, the states stayed the way they were suppose to. I had to publish and repair about 8 times before problem stopped. Kind of a weird problem.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

I'm sorry you've run into a similar issue. This discussion is a bit older though, so it would be best to start from scratch and gather a bit more info about your project. 

You mentioned you're using Storyline 360, and it's worth noting that the same recommendations about working locally apply still - you can read through some details here.

Have you also tested the trick of importing into a new file? Let us know if that resolves it!