Button States Freezing

I'm trying to make a vocab interactive game course in Storyline but I cannot figure out why sometimes the states of the buttons work and other times they just freeze. I'm wanting the user to be able to hover over a button and it lights up and if they click on it the button flattens a little and then returns to its normal state (to the effect that you were actually pushing a button). However, a lot of the time the button will freeze in the "Down" state and wont advance to the next slide. This happens a lot on the first slide, the main menu slide (both the Review and the Quiz button), and the back button on the Definition slide. This is very frustrating and I was wondering if anyone could help. I have attached my file.

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Russell Killips

I think it sometimes isn't working because the down state of the button is not as tall as the original button. So if you click on the top part of the button and the down state becomes smaller, you are no longer over top of the button.

Try adding another rectangle to the down state of the button that is the same size the normal state. Set the fill of the rectangle to No Fill and the Line Color to No line.

Here is an updated project file with the button updated on slide 1.1