Button States - How to show a button is selected and displaying certain layer of text without hovering over button?

Is there a way to show a button as "selected"?

I know there are Normal, Hover, Down, Visited, and Disabled states, but I have a list of 9 buttons with text (layers) for each one, and I want to highlight (show) that a certain button is selected (in case I move the mouse and am no longer "hovering" over it). I don't want users to mistake the layer text for something that belongs with a different button.

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Jerry Beaucaire

Remember you can put anything you want on the layers, including an unclickable bright-colored version of the button they clicked.   So when the layer appears, so does this unclickable button, over the top of the actual button.  It can look any way you want and you can make sure this flat version has no "states" when they hover their mouse over it.   Meanwhile, all the other buttons remain visible on the base layer with their hover states intact.