Button states not changing automatically

Oct 03, 2013


I have a diagram with three buttons. Each button leads the learner to a different lightbox screen. I have created a custom hover state and visited state, however when the learner returns to the diagram screen the button stays on the hover state until I flick my mouse over it and then it changes to visited. Any ideas for solving this? I tried creating a button set, but it didn't make a difference, so I got rid of it.

Can I send this file privately?

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Michael Hinze

I have noticed this issue as well. To me, it looks like the button doesn't have a chance to change its state before it 'jumps' to the lightbox (I know it's a rather poor explanation ) As a workaround, I always add a trigger to the button that changes the button state to visited and put this trigger ABOVE the one that calls the lightbox.

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