Button States not returning to Normal state with variables triggers

Oct 27, 2021


I have a complicated module in production at the moment with a lot of triggers and variables applied in order to get the module to function as required.

One of the requirements is that depending on the User (previously chosen and a variable changed) when the user hovers over a Button which sends the user to a set of questions, the number of questions available is displayed on hover.

So User type A hovers over a button for Topic A and when they hover it changes to "5 Questions". A different user will see a different number of questions.

This all works. The issue is the Hover states are being effected. I have:

Normal, Hover, Visited, UserAQuestions, UserBQuestions etc

It shows Normal at the start, when the user hovers it shows the correct number of questions, but on hovering away, the button goes to the standard Hover State and does not go back to the Normal state.

I think it is due to the "Restore previous state when the user hovers out" option as I think the process is Normal, then Hover, then UserAquestion states in that order, so the previous state is Hover?

Basically I need the button to return to Normal when the user hovers away and not stay on the Hover state.

I hope this makes sense? I think a new trigger of "On Hover away/Out" would fix this but it is not possible.

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Judy Nollet

If the clients wants a "regular" hover state (in addition to the UserA and UserB hover states), you could create a custom hover state that looks like the regular built-in one. 

In that case, I'd use a text variable to track which state to show. For example, start the variable with a value of "regular." When the user indicates they are in the "A" path, adjust the variable to "userA." When the user indicates they are in the "B" path, adjust the variable to "userB." (You could also use a number variable, and assign values as 1, 2, or 3.)

Then have 3 triggers, each of which would show the appropriate state on mouse-over based on a condition that checks for the right variable value. 

Darren McNeill

Hi, all sorted thanks for the advice. I simply asked the customer not to have a standard hover state as it did not make sense with so many custom states required. This project is complex and questions are asked based on Role, Function and sub Function and Topic so sometimes the simple thinks get foggy due to content blindness. The course has over 500 custom variables and 4000 triggers, so far. Its been a while since I had something this complex. Many of the questions have video explainers if the questions are wrong. (Basically the users are asked the questions first, if they get a question wrong, they watch a video containing the answer, and move on to the next question, so if the user is already knowledgeable they should get through the module easily enough, if not, they watch the videos). As we use Cornerstone and the packaged files cannot exceed 500mb I have to keep the video instances down as they are the bulk of the module. All is working as expected now, so that bottle of whiskey is now looking tempting..... :)