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Wendy Farmer

Hi Annabelle

not sure I understand - but see the attached video. I have four rectangles that each have a normal (green) state and a visited (orange) state. As I click each one it changes from normal to visited.  Are you wanting other behaviour? If so you may need to use custom states, as the built in SL states have specific behaviours attached.

Crystal Horn

Hello Annabelle!  You mentioned that your project works when previewed but not published.  How are you viewing your project after you publish?  I'd want to know that same information that Wendy brought up:  Are you uploading your published output to a web server or LMS?  Which browser have you tested?  HTML5 or Flash version?  

One other consideration:  Are  you using Storyline 2 or Storyline 360?  Storyline 360 uses HTML5 to create the preview, unlike Storyline 2 which relies on Flash.  The difference between preview and published output might fall between HTML5 and Flash.

You could use a button, which has built-in states that you can customize, but ideally, I'd like for your custom rectangles to work as expected, too!  We're happy to have a look at your file if you want to upload it to our support team.