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Hello! I hate to ask these questions when I'm sure the answer is easy, but I'm not able to just search for the answer.

I have several buttons that I'm using to cover up some text. I intend for the buttons to disappear on click, revealing the text beneath. I've accomplished that by editing the "disabled" state to have no fill. I've also edited the "disabled" state to delete the question mark button text that initially appears on the button to get my users to click on it. However! When I preview the slide, that question mark remains after clicking, even though it's been deleted from the "disabled" state. 

I'm sure I'm using the wrong tool for the job, but my understanding of states must really be off if I can't delete text from a state. Any help would appreciated!

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Kathryn Weller

Hi Tom! I liked the idea of the outline of the button still surrounding my text, which is why I went with a state change with no fill and deleting that text. I specifically chose "disabled" because "visited" allows the button to fill back in after clicking, which is not preferred.

I am sure there's a better way to achieve what I'm going for, but the main question of why the text is showing as deleted in my states editor but then not when I preview the slide is still something I am interested in learning, as it'll probably help me make better decisions about states in the future.


Kathryn Weller

Thanks, everyone! Wendy, I was able to accomplish what you and Matt suggested, but it doesn't preserve the outline of the button that I'd intended to preserve. I think I just need to learn more about what functions are the best to use in certain situations. I am glad to know that it wasn't a serious misunderstanding on my part about how states are intended to work.