Button to Layer Issue

Sep 19, 2018

I'm troubleshooting an issue in a file where two buttons are used to display a layer. When uploaded to our LMS one button will work then the other will not after returning to the slide. Has anyone experienced this issue through an LMS. We use Cornerstone.



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Aaron. Happy to help you nail down the culprit!

First, have you had a chance to test the file in another LMS like SCORM Cloud–an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output–to see if you experience the same button issue there? 

I'm happy to dig into the .story file to help you with that testing if you're able to share it with me!

Aaron Schweizer

Hi Katie,

We actually just figured out that our template was corrupted. We had the help of our Cornerstone Admin who was able to convert the content to Articulate 360 and the buttons and layers started working. 

We are working with Storyline 2 still and I'm curious to know if there could be possible issues that stem from us using an older version of the software. Thoughts?

Katie Riggio

Nice detective work, Aaron! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Without seeing the file, my best guess is that the issue lies in the Flash format. Storyline 2 publishes Flash first–with the ability to include the HTML5 output–whereas Storyline 360 does the inverse. If you're able to share the original version of the project, I'd love to test that theory! 🔬

Additionally, while it's hard to nail down the root of corruption, these tips can help reduce the risk in the future.

Hope that helps, and I'll be here!

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