Button triggers and hover do not work.

Mar 24, 2015

If there is a 'hero' here, I would greatly appreciate your help on this one as soon as possible.

I am building a module with HOME, PREVIOUS and, NEXT navigation buttons. It seems they only work sometimes and the hover only works when one hovers over the edge of the button in a very difficult to find spot.

In an earlier version, the buttons worked. I checked any trigger settings and they are the same. I am stumped on this one.

Again, your helpful input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Tirzah Tward

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your response and suggestion.

I did try creating hotspots, which created it's own set of issues. Too many layers and triggers it seems.

As I was on a tight deadline, I decided to take control and create my own. They work beautifully and I have more flexibility with design.

Emily, I will see if I still have a version, but I don't recall saving it as I made my revisions to the file that contained the errors.

My take away on this - it is just as easy to create your own buttons.

Thank you both.

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