Button Will Not Hide After Count

Hi all....

I'm attaching a quiz that's part of a larger project.

When the user fails the course, the Retake Test button should remain once.

If they fail the Retake, the button should be 'hidden'...

Can you tell me why it remains?  I think it's got to do with the count variable, but I've tried everything I can think of !




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Wendy Farmer

Hi David

I just ran through the project and when I click the 'Retake quiz' button it takes me back to first quiz question but I can't click on anything.  You need to reorder your triggers as you are jumping to the first quiz slide before you add the count and before you reset the results.

Order should be




I just ran through it with re-ordered triggers and the button does hide.

Also, just an observation - you may want to change the colour of your hover highlight as it is so close in colour to your background.