button with media replays when it should not

I have five buttons on a slide that plays audio when clicked.  The learner will next click an image next each button, which will take them to a new slide.  when they return to click the next button, sometimes the last button clicked will play the audio again.  It is random.  I don't want this to happen. 

What do you recommendations? 

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Char Larkin

I have six buttons and six images (one for each button).  For the image, the trigger is set to jump to a slide when it is clicked.  For each button, I did not set a trigger - maybe that is my problem?

I inserted an audio file per button and I when I click on the button, the audio immediately launched.  Given this, I didn't think I needed to do anything as far a additional triggers.  It is random when I return to this slide to click the next button, that a random audio  will repeat itself.  Thanks for your thoughts. 

Char Larkin

Hi Ashley,

This is a "random" occurrence. There are six markers with audio and six images next to each marker.

- A learner will click a marker to hear audio.

- Next, they will click the image to navigate to another slide to view more information.

- When they click "next" they will return to the original slide to click the next Marker and repeat the process (six times).

What happens is that sometimes when they return, the previous Marker that just played will "replay" automatically again (no clicking) and it is confusing to the learner.

As mentioned, this is random and it occurs sporadically.

Please tell me again the best way to send you a Story file.

Thanks much,