Buttons and Slide Links

Jun 01, 2016

Is it possible to have a button on a slide and have it link to two different slides? I have attached an example. On this example there are 2 questions. Once the player gets to question 2, I would like the continue buttons to link to the appropriate slide. (If the player got question 1 and 2 correct the continue button would link to slide 1.3, but if they missed them both the same continue button would link to slide 1.4). I'm assuming I need to do this with variables, but I'm struggling setting them up. Obviously I know there are more possibilities (user gets 1 wrong and 2 right, etc.) but this is just for help purposes. Any idea how I can set a button to link to two different slides accordingly?

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Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that will do that. As you noted, you can add triggers for other combinations, but be aware that you cannot mix AND with OR in the conditions for a trigger; SL will get lost and confused.

So if you are adding triggers with other combinations, be sure that all the conditions are either AND or OR, which may take some creativity. For example you may have to combine two conditions into one, then use it in the final trigger.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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