Buttons & Animated States

Attempting to implement a commonly used UI feature - Rollover Button. Using "States" on visual items works well, until...you want "animated states". Example: You want to create a set of hotspot button that fade-in/fade-out (glow) on their "Normal" state, to draw the user's attention, and change to a more static graphic once Selected. This example is common, and would like to know how easily it could be implemented in Storyline. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. Experimenting, I'm running into the following limitations: - No timeline for items in different States, so you can't "Insert Animation". - I can only apply Object Triggers to show/hide other objects on the same Layer, not other layers.. - A passive (no triggers) object overlaying another, will block mouse clicks (events) from being received by the underlying object. Thanks.

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Nancy Woinoski

You can use the marker buttons to achieve this. Here is a screener I but together a while ago showing how to set it up. In this example I had the pulse appear when the timeline ends but you could rearrange it so that the marker pulses until it is clicked.