Buttons Changing States

I have been having issues with the states of these custom buttons I have created for quite sometime now. I am trying to create the effect that when the button is clicked on that it looks as if the button is being pressed down and then is suppose to return to its normal state. However, now on some of the buttons if the user return to a previous screen, one of the buttons goes crazy. This happens to both of these buttons:

1.4 Slide 2- The Next button in the upper right corner works great the first time the user clicks on it but if the user decides to go back to the button by hitting the Previous button on slide 1.8, the Next button resizes itself when you hover over it and it changes to a different image when you Click on it.

1.8 Slide2- The FMLA button automatically resizes and changes pictures when the user clicks on it.

I have check and checked again every state of the button and they are all the same size and same image throughout. So I cant figure out why it would be doing this. I have been having these kind of issues with the buttons states for awhile now and would really love to find a solution to this problem. I have attached my Storyline file and both PNGs of the buttons that I am using. 

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Susi B

Hi Evan,

that´s an interesting bug. Did you copy the first "click to begin" button and exchanged the pictures? You also have a blank rectangle in your down states, which has no function (and sadly removing it does not help). You might want to contact the support team for this or try to build every bugged button completely new.



Evan Davis

Hi Susi,

Yes I have copied the "click to begin" button and exchanged the pictures. The reason being is that when I try to create a new button like the "click to begin" button, when you click on the button the button shrinks upward instead of downward. So it doesn't look like the button is being pressed down but is moving upward. I have tried this several times and in multiple other projects as well and have had the same effect. The "click to begin" button is the only button that will completely cooperate and do what it is suppose to do. I put the blank rectangle in the down state because I was having an issue of the button freezing in the down state and not returning to the visited state and someone on E-Learning Heroes told me to put the blank rectangle in to help fix it. Which it did fix but now I have these other issues going on.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evan,

Thanks for sharing the file here with us.

I took a look at what you shared and saw the same behavior, and it seems that there may have been some lingering items from your "click to start" button hanging on when you copied it. That could be a sign of corruption or just issues with asset artifacts...either way a good reminder to look at ensuring that you work on local project files as detailed here. 

Next, I looked at rebuilding the button on slide 1.3 and 1.4 - as they were both the same set up, and I was seeing slide 1.3 first. This resolved the issues with showing a new image, making the hover state larger. For the down state, I actually deleted the original image and inserted it again to resize. That all worked (minus my poor editing skills on your button). 

Take a look at this copy and let me know if you have any other questions. 

Evan Davis

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for your help. I think I've found the only way to fix the issue is to insert the image of the button into each state rather than clicking on "Change Picture" in the format tab. Every time I click on "Change Picture" it corrupts the button. I reviewed the link you attached and do follow all of those guidelines but that it something important to note. Thanks again for your help Ashley. Hopefully with some tinkering, I can work the bugs out of these buttons. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah yes,, I hadn't used the Change picture button. You shouldn't need to insert the image into every state though...just create the one button and then the states will all reference that original normal state. I then changed the image only in your down state to make it smaller and move in the correct way.