Buttons Do not Work in Edge Browser

Sep 05, 2016


I am facing this following issue:

The prompt for resuming the course which contains the 'Yes' , 'No' buttons is not responding when clicked.

Also the feedback messages when attempting a quiz also do not work when I clicked the ok button.

This behaviour is observed when I am using the Edge browser in my laptop/surface in Windows 10.

I would like to know if anyone else is facing the same issue.

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Rory Hendrickson

Hi, I recently came across a similar issue with Storyline 2 HTML5 courses launched in Microsoft Edge. I found that when the course launched in fullscreen or maximized window, the buttons wouldn't trigger when clicked on. When I moved the mouse around and clicked around the button sometimes it would work. So I believe that the button's (for lack of a better word and not to be confused with Storyline's tool) "hotspot" was offset in some way. When I would restore the window close to optimal size and test it the buttons worked fine, as if the button was lined up with its "hotspot" correctly. I was able to reproduce it by maximizing and testing again and restoring the window and testing again. The same issue occured with another course as well, and this includes the resume prompt and custom interactions built in the course. I think the fix would be set the player to lock at optimal size but I haven't tested it. I hope this info helps!

Lucio P

Varya, note that the buttons are not frozen. The "hotspots" that trigger the "yes" or "no" actions seem to be moved off of the buttons. Try clicking around the button until the action is triggered to see if it is the same for you. Another bigger problem with Edge is that it doesn't seem to send the last page visited to the LMS. So once the "yes" action is triggered, the user is sent to the first page/slide in the lesson.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Richard,

So sorry your staff are encountering that problem. 

Edge is now restricting Flash content, which causes Articulate courses to default to HTML5 output. However, Storyline 2 HTML5 output isn’t supported in Edge. As a result, we can no longer officially support Edge with Storyline 2. 

Can you suggest that your learners use one of these supported browsers instead?

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