Buttons don't work when placed on a state in Storyline 2?

Hello -

I have a "hover" to view some text.  i wanted to place a "help button" on the text that is displayed when the mouse hovers.  The learner will then view a layer with additional information about this topic if they choose.   

Is there not any functionality with a button if it is positioned this way?

Thank you!




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Emily Ruby

Hello Terra,

You cannot add a button into a state, but you could achieve this in a different way. You can have your text and Button start in a Hidden state, then appear when the mouse is hovered over an object. They can click the help button and you can trigger that to show a layer with the Help information.

If you need the text and button to then disappear, you can add another trigger to change their state back to hidden. See attached file for a basic set up. Hopefully this is what you are looking for.