Buttons glowing without glow settings

Oct 03, 2013


This is my second post for the day and also about buttons!

I have created buttons out of text boxes. They work fine, but on the visited state there is a glow which I have not added. I have checked all of the settings (please tell me if I've missed something!) and it does not appear that there is any instruction to add this glow. Can you help?

I usually just get the learner to click on a photo with an invisible button over the top, but I really want an obvious visited state showing on this screen as there is another button on one of the layers (removed from attached file) so I don't want them to get lost. I could just go with my usual way of doing things and add an 'incomplete interaction' screen if they try to continue without it, but it doesn't seem polite.

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Michael Hinze

Hi, for some reason, the selected states of your captions have a glow. You can turn this off as show below. When I ran your file, I was automatically clicking on the pictures until I figured out that I was supposed to click on the captions. I would suggest that youmake the pics part of the 'button' so they become clickable as well. See attached a revised file.

Lil Monk

Hi Michael

Thanks for replying. The problem I was having with the glow is that it is showing without any instruction to do so. I don't know if you could see something different when you viewed my file, but 'no glow' was the setting for both buttons. I am therefore unsure of how to remove the glow when the setting is fine. That said, there are also some weird things happening at times with my colour settings too (black = white, etc.).

What you have created in your sample file is exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn't have any luck doing it. Clicking on the caption would go against the precedent I have set up in my course so far, which is getting the user to click on the photo. I would love to know how you have made the photo and text box into one button. When I learned that I could use any object to create a button with the button set feature, I tried doing this on this slide by making the photo and the textbox a group. I can create the groups and I can make those groups a button set, but I can't access the 'states' tab with groups. How did you achieve this? Did you do this with groups?

Michael Hinze

Hi Jacinta,

when I looked at your file, the selected states (and only these states) of both buttons had a glow effect.

You are correct, grouping items won't work in this case. You need to add the bitmap to the various states of the text box ( visa versa). To do this:

- Select the bitmap and copy to clipboard (CTRL+C)

- Select a text box and in the States tab (at the bottom) click Edit States.

- Select each of the states and paste (CTRL+V) the bitmap.

- Click Done Editing States.

Lil Monk

That's some fancy footwork there, Michael. Thanks very much! I think that little trick (adding the image to the button) is going to be my new favourite thing.

I still don't quite understand why the visited state would show a glow when it clearly isn't there, but now I know to check that too. Thanks.

Leslie, thanks for the offer, but, yes, it looks like Michael's sorted me out well!

Thanks again, Michael!

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