Buttons in Storyline 360

I am having issues with button states and buttons disappearing on me. I have use the button built in the software and created my own and still have weird issues. One issue is the state of the button, I start is off as disabled, the initial state. It shows the disabled state with the normal state behind it. 

I have it up on articulate 360 review here - https://360.articulate.com/review/content/ee789954-68eb-4d6b-8605-947bd5809947/review

it is when it gets to slide 2, there are actually two slide 2. The first slide 2 is the settlement and subsequent info and the once that info plays if goes to a "splash" slide were the buttons for each section will change.

I need help ASAP on this. It is a huge issue and if this cannot work then storyline will not work for us.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dawn.  Thanks for sharing your file and link!  I saw how the Global button was delayed on slide 1.6.  I'm not sure why it happened, but I selected the Global button, cut it and pasted it back in.  It seemed to function normally.  Here's what it looks like after that change.

Can you let me know what else is happening with the button states?  Everything appeared to run as designed, but I'm not that familiar with your course!  Also, this article has information on what to expect from the built-in disabled state.

Dawn DeVillers

I am still having issues with IE and buttons disappearing. I have a splash page that has the buttons for each part. so the states will change each time you come to the page. In IE if I go any of the buttons on slide 2 and then back within a min the buttons disappear for no reason. the buttons expand to the end of the timeline. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/61c4d8dd-e4a5-4613-9ea9-53ad2f9bc694/review

I have simplified the animations as much as I can. Any help will be appreciated. I have made custom and built in buttons and they all do the same.




Crystal Horn

Hi Dawn.  I tried a few different modifications of your Normal state for the first tab on the splash screen, but when it was published with Flash first, that tab kept disappearing after hovering over it and moving the mouse away.  Without making any changes besides publishing for HTML5 first (Flash backup), it seemed to work.

Can you check this link to your output published for HTML5 first and let me know what you see on your end in IE?  Will publishing for HTML5 first work for you?

If you can confirm, I'll document this issue with the Flash output.