Buttons inside SWF that refers to the Storyline slides&Flash Impor


1. Is there, in Storyline, also possibility to make links inside SWF-s that refers to the Storyline next or to the certain slide? I.e. for Presenter the code is: var ArtAPI = _level0.ArtAPI; ArtAPI.PlayNext();

2. And another question is, that when I use Flash Import to import my SWF interaction, AC3 inside, then the SWF plays independently in the Slide and Volume&Seek-bar do not work for that SWF.

But is there somehow possibility make Volume ja Seek-bar to work for that kind of SWF-s (can not use Import as Video - interactions do not work)?

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David Burton


Welcome to the forums!

We are planning to released a Storyline SDK that will allow you to interface with the Storyline player controls. Until then there is no way to control the player with an inserted SWF.

Any swf inserted into Storyline is automatically set to play independent of the Storyline timeline. There are only a few options available when inserting a swf and are outlined in the following link.


I hope this helps!