Buttons not keeping selected state when branching

Hopefully someone can help. 

I am creating a glossary with a few terms at the bottom of the slides. I have set it up in the slide master. I want the terms to stay selected throughout the story. I run into issues when it branches back and forth. The state stays the same as it was when I left even when I select a new term.

I've read many posts and can't find one with branching. I've uploaded a sample file so you can see what's happening.

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Richard Watson


Try creating a trigger on each lightbox slide to turn the appropriate variable to True when the timeline starts on that slide. 

For example, on the slide master you have set up the following trigger for the term1 button.

Action: Lightbox slide
Slide: 2.1 term 1 
When: User clicks
Object: Button 7

Action: Change State of
on Object: Button7
To State: Visited
When: Timeline starts
Object: Button7
On Condition: Button7 == Equal to True

I didn't see a trigger anywhere telling Storyline to turn the Button7 variable to True.  If you go to that specific lightbox slide (e.g., 2.1 term 1 in the new scene) and create a Slide Trigger as follows:

Action: Adjust Variable
Variable: Button7
Operator: = Assignment
Value: Value   True
When: Timeline starts
Object: 2.1 term 1

...you should be able to go between branches and the button will retain the Visited state.

Do the same for each of the lightboxes with their applicable variables.



Joan Perry

Thank  you for looking at this. I added the trigger then when you click previous it did not retain any additional states from slides after it, ex. I click term 3 on step 3 and when it returns to the process slide it does not reflect that. So, I changed the the properties of the slides to reset to inital state and it works except it replays the audio from the beginning, which isn't great. Is there a way around replaying the audio?

Wendy Farmer

You could add a T/F variable (one for each Audio clip) default to false.

Add triggers in order

1. play audio when timelines starts on the slide on condition the variable not equal to true

2. adjust Variable to true when media completes on the Audi clip

so first time the Audio should play because the variable isn’t true, then trigger sets the variable to true then next visit variable is true so Audio shouldn’t play.