Buttons on Feedback Master

I am trying to insert a Continue or Try Again button on the Feedback Master but it won't let me add the triggers I need -- the button isn't even recognized in the Trigger Panel as an element which can be triggered. I saw in some older threads that there was a built-in Continue button somewhere -- but I sure can't find it now. Can you help?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Valeta,

As you've seen, the Feedback Master and most of its layouts include a default "Button." Storyline programming automatically names that button and adds the appropriate triggers when it uses those layouts for dialog boxes, including Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again layers on a quiz question.

  • If you add a question slide that provides immediate feedback, the button will automatically show as "Continue," and it will have the triggers to hide that layer and advance to the next slide.
  • If the question slide allows for multiple attempts, the button on the Try Again layer will automatically say "Try Again," and it will have the needed trigger to hide that layer. 

You can change the name of those buttons in two ways:

  • Edit the button name on each slide layer. 
  • Edit the Text Labels that Storyline uses to create the button. That's done in the Player Properties.

NOTE: Be aware that if you change the text for the "Continue" button in the Player Text Labels, Storyline will use that text for the continue button on all dialog boxes. In other words, it should not be changed to anything that specifically refers to a quiz. If you want the quiz Continue button to say "Proceed to next question," you should edit the button text directly on the quiz question.