Buttons on feedback stats e.g. hover

Hi there, wondered if anyone could help? I'm trying to adjust the button states colour at a master or player level. I don't really want to edit them per slide. Is there a way around this? At the moment, the hover seems to be pulling in a blue colour, is this located in the player colours? I've attached a screen shot. Also I understand I can change to word Continue to whatever I like, but is there a way of changing it's position at a master level. For me, the position of the text just seems to be able to be moved at a slide level. Thanks. 

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Andy Weeks

Hi Jenny.

You can change button states at master level by selecting VIEW menu the Slide Master (or Feedback Master - depending on which master you are using), select the button you wish to edit and then select STATES (next to timeline at the bottom left of the program). If you've used a standard button you should see 5 different button states - if you double-click on one state you can change all its parameters (fill colour/outline/text etc) then select 'Done editing states' to save the changes.

Don't know if this helps at all.


Andy Weeks

The only other thing it could be is a colour block over the text in the button. If you select the text in the button then go to your font menu, there is an 'ab' icon next to the font colour icon: this allows you to add a coloured box over text add a coloured box over text - I've had this happen to me without setting it. If you select 'No colour' in the dropbox it may help. Long shot but worth a try.