Buttons on Layers work just once

Hello Everybody,

I'm just a bit confused at the moment, stucking in a problem which actually shouldn't be that difficult to solve :( Actually I've read a lot of posts and tipps about this, but in the end I'm not sure anymore what should I do. Any solution that I've tried doesn't seem to work properly. I've also tried with variables, but maybe I'm not getting the right setting of them.

I work with SL3 and this is my case:

I want to give to the users the feeling that they have different papers on their hands. So they have to be able to switch to the next paper or to go back to the previews one.
I have made a slide and 3 layers and I've set the following Triggers on it:

Slide Triggers
On each Layer I´ve created customs buttons "next" and "back". And these are the Triggers on each Layer.

Layer 1

Layer 1 Triggers

Layer 2

Layer 2 Triggers

Layer 3
Layer 3 Triggers

The Problem is that the custom buttons are just working once and everytime that I try to go forward and back, it looks like they are not able to be clicked anymore.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the project, because of privacy protection, but if no one in the community already knows this issue, than I will try to upload an empty version with Triggers and to reproduce the problem.

Can anyone help? It would be greatful! Thank you very much!

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